I LOVE this word!!  Let’s use today to sharpen our clarity-of what we present and what we perceive! Now that we are seekers of more KNOWLEDGE,

EVERYTHING in your life has potential to be clear-not complicated.  Divine guidance is not confusing-confusion and complication are ingredients we add. Let’s use our knowledge and power to remove them as we reach for better!  Today, identify 5 things that are not clear in your life choose clarity and do the work to reach clarity!  NO MORE LAZY! NO MORE EXCUSES! NO MORE PROCRASTINATION!

Look at my fat cal burn over 10 hours from yesterday!! Did you get your monitor?  Did you do the work to get clear on where YOU are?  I am now clear on what I can burn, productively and daily so I can now compute what I can eat. We must burn more cals than we eat DAILY! If I eat no more than 1500 cals with this burn, I will lose fat daily!  Let’s do the same for even the mental/spiritual fat in our lives…bad relationships, anger, low self esteem…after all, isn’t it all weight we can lose? More on that tomorrow!