Testimonial from D.C.

Hello A.J. Johnson a.k.a Yoga Buddy,

I truly wanted to thank you so much for opening my eyes to the importance of achieving a better me and just really a “kick in the rear end” to take better care of myself.

Ever since I attended the two yoga sessions with you at the Diversity Woman Conference in Washington D.C. I have changed my mindset and putting into action what you have taught me. Everyone morning I get up and I have to start my yoga exercise so I can start my day. My day and body feels completely different just by me performing the simple yoga stretches you taught me.

SIZE 22 to SIZE 4!

After trying “everything” pharmaceutical rep, Angela, who suffers with a thyroid condition, called THE AJ ZONE.  We designed a weekly program, manipulating her food, workout, meds and spiritual discipline and her health and weight began to change!!!  1 year later, Zoner Angela was down  from a size 22 to 4, 175 lbs. Congrats Ang, and thanks for trusting THE AJ ZONE!!

Angela from size 22 to size 4!


Eating Your Veggies Raw

Just because my life moves so fast, it’s even easier when I don’t have to cook my vegetables. Not only is it convenient, but I noticed a change in my energy and in the look of my skin, hair and muscles within two weeks after I started eating raw veggies. Try it raw!