It is day 3 of my weight loss plan and I am doing good. I am down to 189.4 from 192.2 on day 1 so I’m really excited. I thought that I would be really hungry but I actually haven’t been. I’ve lost almost 3 lbs. in 3 days so I am excited to keep going.

I am feeling good today. It is day 7 of my weight loss plan and I have lost 5.6 lbs. It’s been challenging but anything worth having is worth working for. I’m excited about where I am but even more excited about where I am going. I really needed this support system so that I could reach my goal so thank you AJ and team.


Measurements: abs – 33 in.
mid abs – 35 in.
belly button – 37 in.
hips & butt – 44 in.

Jaqueline Jams off 15!!!

“During the Thanksgiving break my family and I went on vacation I worked out 5 of those days. Also we went to the theme park I had more energy and walked the entire park without any problems. I have increased my water intake to 2 liters plus a day, I drink water all day. I may have a cup of coffee and a glass of tea. However, water is my beverage of choice. This is where I am at. People have noticed the change. My husband says I am doing very good. “-Jaqueline

CYKEIA loses 8!!!

AJ Zone,

Thank you so much for the plan, and the helpful tips. I have lost 8 lbs in the last two weeks. With last week being a holiday I had neglected to check in. However, I have been working out 30 min a day at the gym jogging on the tread-mil. I can’t wait to try the meal and exercise plans to get even greater results.

Thank you again AJ, as you have really inspired me to live healthy!-Cyekeia Lee




We believe that raw veggies are not only a healthy direction to live with your veggies, but also a quick tasty treat! try this quick and easy recipe for Kale salad!



1 lemon

Mrs. Dash flavoring of choice

1T, shaved, Parmesan cheese

1T dried cranberries or fresh Pomagranate

1t olive oil

Toss and enjoy!!


Since the holiday season is here and lists are being made-lists to Santa, lists for gift giving, what about the most important list?? Your Happy List!!

  • Make a list of 20 things that make you happy-no censoring the list-all things are included, big and small. It can include people, places, things-whatever is your happy, write it down!!!
  • Highlight the items on the list that you have not entertained in over 2 months
  • Make a plan to live those items