Today-do just 1 more thing beyond the expected.  Reach further, go beyond the norm.  Stretch…your better requires a little more than you gave yesterday.


This is the answer to most of the change-the better we look for in our lives.  people, energy, love…consistency is the foundation of it all-trust is consistency.  Are you the consistency you want to attract in your life? Live the consistency that you want. xo

Let Go!!!

Of all that is holding you from moving forward in your life.  You know what we say here in THE AJ ZONE-You want different you gotta do different!  Today-think, speak, be, LIVE the difference! xo


The start to your healthiest you is being honest with yourself about where you are, where you want to go in life. Look in the mirror, admit what you love and let’s get to work on what is interrupting your happiness!xo