Not just on Thanksgiving Day, but everyday should we be thankful!  I like to take every Thursday and focus on all that I am thankful for.  Take time today and express your thanks in prayer, in writing,  to someone!!xo


This is my formula for guaranteed success in all areas of my life.  If you’re struggling with something-first CHOOSE to change it.  Once you make that choice then focus on a plan-DECIDE the how’s when’s where’s of accomplishing the change you are after!  Once the decision and plan are made-Put the plan into action-DO what you have designed! Works for me every time! xo


With the holiday season upon us, the new year 31 days away…choose to be the version of you that you envision. Decide how to live that person then do it!  Choose, Decide, Do! xo


I had a private meeting with spiritual guru, Deepak Chopra and as I prepared myself to take extensive notes in his presence, under his guidance, he simply said..”YES!”..that’s all he said.  Amazingly, it helped me move forward in many areas in my life with faith and hope for YES to be all over my life!  Now it’s MY turn to tell you…”YES!” Go be your better!xo


Hopefully you enjoyed your day yesterday and are as festive and thankful as on the special day!  Let’s commit to being thankful everyday!  Eat up-1 more day…leftovers are the best-but tomorrow, we focus and get it all off!!


This week, more than ever, we focus on what we are thankful for!  Tell 1 person today how thankful you are for them and what they bring to your life! Ask another how you can improve in THEIR lives!xo