#TRANSFORMN21 Day 1!!!


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Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the new you!! The fact that you are here means you are ready for a change?  You are curious about what has to be done to create your better?  You’ve tried everything you think should work, it hasn’t and before you give up, here you are? Your answer may be  one of these reasons or all of the above. The great news is you are here and we are excited to help you find your better!

Better means different things for different people. IN THE AJ ZONE, we believe that the first step to correcting things-righting the wrongs- is to properly identify the issue!  Let’s take today and do some self research. Where are you blocked?  What, who is in the way of your better?  BE HONEST! All we want to do today, day 1, is to simply acknowledge where we are blocked.  Write it down.  I do this daily, as each day presents new obstacles, so I constantly redesign the way to MY better. Is it nutritional?  Spiritual? Mental? Decide what’s blocking your better. We’ll get to work on unblocking tomorrow! xo



We did it!  We made it -it’s official!!  Do something to celebrate this season 2day-do something to enjoy the work you’ve put into your better!xo


Do 1 thing  today that will guarantee success i your better journey!  No procrastination-1 thing is very possible…GO!xo

Another week!

We made it!! How was it?  What are you celebrating?  What needs to improve?  Evaluate-celebrate and look for ways to be better!xo


for more than you grabbed yesterday.  You were gifted another day so why not be more with it?  What can you do today to be more??xo