A new day, new attitude, new week-choose to start it all with positivity and good energy toward creating better!!! Choose to do 1 thing today that is part of your better formula!!xo


Time to review-your week, your happy list, your progress toward your better…where are you on, where are you off?  Where can you use more focus and diligence?  Evaluate for the sake of progress!x0


We like to focus on thanksgiving on Thursdays…what are you thankful for?? Spend this day focused on gratitude!xo


A lot of times we might not say it’s ego but that is exactly what impedes our progress?  Today-let’s try identifying where our ego stands up and live more from a vulnerable heart instead? Watch the positives come to you when you live void of ego!xo


It’s the foundation of the goodness that is yours!  Live a high and positive energy within and around you and watch ur life improve! What can you do today to raise your energy level?xo