That should be our focus, NOT a result!  Hard but not impossible….live today recognizing all that is journying you to your better!xo

SUMMER is coming!!

29 days until it arrives officially, but Memorial Day always feels like its kick off!! This is not a pressure tactic-this is a reminder to be accountable for where/who you want to be in your life by the time Summer arrives.  Follow us on Twitter, Face Book and the new app we are excited to help launch, Hallo.  Hear my instructions to our HOT 4 Summer program!!


Thank God I’m Fearless!!  So today-go do something, say something be FEARLESS!  The worst that can happen is you end up here-where you’re starting…that thought should dissipate some of your fear!  Better is after you live the fearlessness! GO!xo


You know what today is…evaluation day! Review your past few days-have you been successful at the goals you set up for yourself?  Where do you still need work, commitment and focus?? Make today the day that you dig deeper in your reach for better!xo


Today is the day we try something new, different, better?  It can be an attitude, a direction you travel, a food choice-ANYTHING!  Simply embrace something different today!xo