Louis Harris’ DAY 12 Update of her Customized “AJ’s Abs”

Louis has not only been slammin’ her AJ’s Abs program but she has been seeing RESULTS! Keep up the phenomenal work Louis!!

Here are my updates:My Day 12 was 27 Jul.

Weight Day 1- 128lbs Weight Day 12- 125lbs (My height is 5’4 1/2 “)

–Cardio: 45 mins a day: Elliptical, or treadmill(walked uphill, lvl 10 ) burned between 350-500 cals. Heart rate is between 130-145BPM. Sorry, still can’t give you my total calories burned per day and per workout. . My calorie counter was not working properly. Haven’t had time to buy one, but I will today.

– Calorie intake- 1700- 1860 cals. It felt like too much food at times. No problem reaching my protein intake of 125 g, I was way over between 170-214. Is that too much?

Measurement 4 positions:
Upper Abs (below breasts & above belly button) Initial: 28″ Now 27 ins
Mid Abs (around belly button): Initial 30′ Now: 28 1/2″
Lower Abs- (below belly button & above hips) Initial- 30.5 ” Now: 29.5 ”
Around middle of butt: Initial: 36″ Now: 36″

— I’m still having trouble with the lower abs portion, it’s flatter but still needs work. I had a hysterectomy 5 yrs ago and I can’t seem to lose the extra fat (my pooch)above my bikini cut surgery line. I want that gone.

— I have not had milk, bread or table sugar, nor artificial sweeteners. However, I did have Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt (6.5 oz as my 10 am snack at least 5 times)

– Water intake: 8- 10 glasses. Lemon water 1-3 glasses. Yogi Detox tea- 16 oz a day for days 8-12

— Breakfast: Oatmeal 1/2 cup dry & 2 whole eggs. Sometimes I switch to 4 egg whites instead.

— Protein and veggies have been as suggested in my instructions. Protein was skinless chicken breasts, turkey filet breast, tilapia, salmon. 6- 7 ozs

– veggie carbs: (all steamed) broccoli, spinach, green beans & zucchini, 1-2 cups

– Fruit: ate 3 times in 12 days: Had an apple one day, banana 2 times.

SUMMER CLEANOUT13- 7 days of pre summer life clean!

Who’s ready to let go of all that comes with Winter and Spring and launch into Summer?

Day 1-Clean your email, phone of old texts, pictures.  Organize what you plan to keep and delete all that is wasting space-in your phone and therefore your life! GO!xo

Day 2-Time for social media Summer cleanout13! Who are you following on Twitter?  Instagram?  Who are your friends on Face book?? Review, realize who adds positive s to your life and delete who does not! GO!xo

Day3-Clean out your purse, gym bag, wallet, any place you keep receipts from winter and Spring!  Time to make room to receive your blessings!  NO CLUTTER! Go!xo

Day 4-Swimsuit time means time to cleanout13 your body!!  No processed sugar today-only fresh fruit as your sugar! Go!xo

Day 5-Continue the no processed sugar today and add more water!  Time to flush!  Add 1 Liter of water to what you already drink! GO!xo

Day 6-Closet time!! All winter boots, sweaters-they must be stored away from your sight!  Time for bright colors, summer fabrics-all wardrobe that says you are ready for summer! GO!xo

Day 7-Clean out your fridge and freezer! Time for fresh-fresh-fresh!! Veggies, fruit-lean proteins.  Cleanout13 your menus-adding summer tastes and treats! Try one of AJ’s favs-freeze grapes and enjoy! GO!xo2




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Tammy drops 71lbs since July 2012!!

Tammy journeyThank you AJ Zone for your dedication in getting out life changing information. I am In it for Life & I am taking what I have learned & sharing it.
My phone is CLEAN!
My Facebook is CLEAN!
My Self Toxicity is CLEAN!
My Finances are CLEAN/97%
My Mind, Body & Spirit are CLEAN!
My Self plans, Resolutions and Expectations of myself are CLEAN!
(I receive Love, Happiness, & Peace to be delivered in my life)
My Body is CLEAN!
My Dependency on Food is CLEAN!
My Fitness is CLEAN!
My Closets are CLEAN!
No More Procrastinations,
No More Excuses,
No More Looking For Company For My Misery!
My Office Space Is CLEAN!
I realize Now that the more Clean, the more room I make in my life for the New Blessings for my life.
XOX Tami J. Niblack