CLEANOUT13-Day 3 is 21Days2Better Day 19

talkingDay 3!!

YO!!!! You’ve done an amazball job at cleaning out some of the toxicity around you!  I’m impressed with your diligence!!

Now…we cleanout some of our OWN self toxicity!

I believe our words are power!  Our conversation! The inner and outer convo-how we speak within ourselves TO ourselves plays a big part in our self  esteem, and how we speak to others is a reflection of who we are! It’s time! CLEANOUT13!

Today-no doubt, no defensiveness., NO NEGATIVE words! Speak complete positivity!

Ask someone to keep you accountable today-if you say ANYTHING negative-about yourself, to them…you gotta pay $1.00



Ready to make room for your 2013 blessings?? CLEANOUT13!!

21days2better- day 18

Kicks off our cleanout 13!

Today we start our life clean out 2013!  Here is where we find more room to be better! Today-we start with a biggy-clean out your cell phone.  Whatever names you don’t recognize-CLEAN OUT!  Those people you don’t speak with, only text occasionally? CLEAN OUT! Those contacts you labeled “NO”? CLEAN OUT! Log them somewhere but they don’t need to take up your inner circle space?  We’re cleaning out to make room for the supportive, positive, optimism we want and need in a new year!


21Days2Better Challenge-Day 17!!



It’s the part of planning that is important in THE AJ  ZONE.  Be prepared-for more holiday outings, food and our 13 days of clean out!! Your new design of you needs new and improved preparation time so it’s time to clean out! Make room for the blessings!! Today is day 1…simply make a list of what YOU need to clean out of your life to start the new year fresh, mentally, spiritually, physically and nutritionally. #cleanout13

21days2better-Day 15!!



It’s Christmas Eve!! Look at the gifts we’ve given ourselves!!! We’ve cleared a lot of our blocks.  We’ve committed to doing the self work. We’ve added daily movement and lessened our sugar and sodium intake. We’re better already-yayy!!!! No better gift than the gift of a better you!!

Today- stay focused. Make a new list of what goals you want to pursue in our remaining 6 days.