“Balancing WORK & LIFE is possible in MY ZONE!”

-AJ Johnson

Welcome to THE AJ ZONE – Where success is NOT measured by wealth or status alone, but by health! You exert so much time and effort in your professional life, so why not do the same for YOUR health and well being?



Actress, fitness and wellness guru AJ Johnson is the owner and creator of THE AJ ZONE – a lifestyle brand focused on healthy living and fitness. “No matter whether you want to lose weight, prevent or survive an illness, or manage the office with more energy, you will find it all in THE AJ ZONE! We do what it takes to meet a better health goal that fits your lifestyle!”



  • Magna Cum Laude Dual Degree BA in Psychology/Chemistry
  • Certification creation for THE AJ ZONE – Muscle isolation/fat burning training
  • Certified in Lifestyle counseling and consumer education for GlaxoSmithKline
  • Lifestyle counseling and consulting education for Novartis Global Pharma
  • ASFA – American Sports and Fitness Association – Personal Training
  • ASFA – American Sports and Fitness Association – Sports Nutrition
  • Billy Blanks Tae Bo instruction


Get into THE AJ ZONE!


Successful companies and business leaders use plans and strategies to reach their goals, so it’s time to do the same and set goals for your personal health and also incorporate it into corporate culture!

THE AJ ZONE offers services for entire companies and divisions as well as professional individuals who would like to balance work, life and everything in between. It’s all about being BALANCED so that you stay healthy, energized, focused and on top of your game, personally and professionally.

We will personally take the initiative to educate you about health and wellness and how to have the right formula in creating balance at home and at the office. There’s no excuse when it comes to taking care of YOU so you can improve your quality of life and take your career to the next level.

With personal Skype sessions, individualized nutrition plans and workout plans, THE AJ ZONE will do what it takes to find the right balance for YOU. Life and work balance is possible in THE AJ ZONE!


“When you think you are at your Best,
we show you – YOU’RE BETTER!”

 -AJ Johnson


Services Offered Include:

Performance enhancement

Media Coaching

Self Branding techniques



Health & Wellness
Stress Management
Health & Well-Being
Executive Coaching & Life Coaching

Custom Meal Planning
Guaranteed Weight Loss Formula
Weight Management

Fitness Management
Weight Reduction
Fat Reduction and Fat Testing

Group Sessions
Small Groups

Personal Skype Sessions
Remote, hands-on training from your location, office, home, hotel room or anywhere in the world where there is a WIFI connection.