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Hope Training Institute

HTI VOH.webp
HTI VOH.webp

#thebridgetobetter is partnering with the Village of Hope: Hope Training Institute to provide a safe and stable environment to over 40 homeless youth (aged 13- 18) in Accra.

Your contribution will support the Institute to:

  1. rehabilitate the dormitories, kitchen, and dining hall,

  2. construct a water system to pipe clean potable water to the living and eating areas,

  3. cultivate farming grounds to increase crop yields,  and

  4. provide marketable skills via various training programs (e.g., sewing, leatherworks, hairdressing, kente cloth weaving, and auto mechanics).

HTI VOH.webp
HTI VOH.webp

It is estimated that 90,000 youth living in Accra are homeless. Every night, these youth go to sleep without the safety, stability, and support of a family or home. Many of them sleep outside or in spaces not meant for human habitation.

Many homeless youth have experienced significant trauma before and after becoming homeless. Youth homelessness is often rooted in family conflict, abuse, poverty, housing insecurity. This makes them vulnerable to substance abuse, sex trafficking, and exploitation. Further, these youth have limited to no access to adequate and quality education or healthcare.

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