Shakeela ROCKS her better!!!

Thanks for all your help and advice and everything you have done for the last two weeks.  I have never been able to get so much so inexpensively.  I have tried so many health plans and this is the only one that I have gotten the best results for little to no money, I feel healthy, I have energy and I am happy.  In only 15 days I am down 7lbs and 9.5 inches!

Thank you AJ and the AJZone.  Please continue to be a blessing to so many.  I have attached my updated photos.  Once I reach my goal I will send you my final update!-Shakeela


God Bless.

JoAnn drops 40 lbs AND regulates her Diabetes AND High Blood Pressure!!


JoAnn’s update60 days…

I had my doctors appointment today.  My A1c is 7.6 and my blood pressure is 140/80.  When I was at the doctor in May 2011 I weighted 264.  When I started the AJ Zone I was 256.  As of today I weigh 227 I wear an XXL shirt and 16 in pants.  I still exercise 5 days per week. My doctor did not take me off any of my medications at this point he wants me to wait for another 6 months to see where I am at in my weight loss then will he will decide if I can either lower or stop taking some of the medicines



JoAnn’s success here in THE AJ ZONE! 30 days

I have lost more weight in the last 30 days than I could have hoped for.  I eat 5-6 small meals per day.  I have fallen in love with grilled chicken salad from Subway, only 130 calories and you get full.  I still maintain my calories between 800-950.  I know that does not seem like a lot of food but if you are sticking with lots of veggies and chicken it is not hard to do.  It also helps a lot that I have a strong support team, my husband is my very own cheering squad.  I am able to go into the back of my closet and fit into clothes that have either been to small for years or things that I have bought and never been able to wear.  I feel so good about my progress and I am a realist, this is in ongoing journey for me and I know there will be good days and bad days, that’s life but because I took the 1st step by contacting the AJ Zone.  I wanted a better and healthier life and that starts from within.



JOANNE’s update day 14-

” I feel really good at the point, I am starting to see my weight changing.  When I started the program my weight was 256.  So I am very excited about the changes that are happening.  I drink only water and green tea all day long.  My calorie intake I keep at a 800-950 per day.  It toke a few weeks to get use to less calories but it was well worth it.  I eat 5-6 per day with atleast 2 spinach salads a day.  I feel like I have a new wardrobe because the clothes that we too small last year fit my now.  I am still doing  5 miles per day on my glider.  Things are really really good right now.”

Whether you know it or not, you are saving my life and you inspire me to take better care of myself.  You are truly a Blessing.”-JoAnn

JoAnn’s Day 4 report

This week as proven to be a little bit of a struggle, not because of Thanksgiving but trying to not only change my life but to change the way I look at food.  This is a life style choice not a fad diet.  I am learning not to make an event out of eating.  I just need to get full and be done.  I eliminated sugar free candy from my eating plan.  I have eating my chicken and lots of spinach and mustard greens.  I am also watching my portion sizes.  I am still drinking water before I get out of bed and drinking nothing but water everyday.  I have increased my exercise time to 40 minutes which is 3.45 miles on my gladder, burning 202.9 calories.  I listen to a lot of music to get myself pumped up.  I exercise 6 days a week at this point and I am working on the 7th day.  Today I also starting working out with weights.  So I am a work in progress.  I feel really really good right now.  I am not longer making excuses as to why I cant exercise or why I needed to eat judge food.  I am realizing that I need to get my health under control for me to live a long life.  I have added vitamins DHA 900mg, CLA 2000mg and Rejuvicare Hair & Nail Formula.  I am not going to let diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol kill me.


Joann Sanders

Testimonial from D.C.

Hello A.J. Johnson a.k.a Yoga Buddy,

I truly wanted to thank you so much for opening my eyes to the importance of achieving a better me and just really a “kick in the rear end” to take better care of myself.

Ever since I attended the two yoga sessions with you at the Diversity Woman Conference in Washington D.C. I have changed my mindset and putting into action what you have taught me. Everyone morning I get up and I have to start my yoga exercise so I can start my day. My day and body feels completely different just by me performing the simple yoga stretches you taught me.

SIZE 22 to SIZE 4!

After trying “everything” pharmaceutical rep, Angela, who suffers with a thyroid condition, called THE AJ ZONE.  We designed a weekly program, manipulating her food, workout, meds and spiritual discipline and her health and weight began to change!!!  1 year later, Zoner Angela was down  from a size 22 to 4, 175 lbs. Congrats Ang, and thanks for trusting THE AJ ZONE!!

Angela from size 22 to size 4!