SUMMER CLEANOUT13- 7 days of pre summer life clean!

Who’s ready to let go of all that comes with Winter and Spring and launch into Summer?

Day 1-Clean your email, phone of old texts, pictures.  Organize what you plan to keep and delete all that is wasting space-in your phone and therefore your life! GO!xo

Day 2-Time for social media Summer cleanout13! Who are you following on Twitter?  Instagram?  Who are your friends on Face book?? Review, realize who adds positive s to your life and delete who does not! GO!xo

Day3-Clean out your purse, gym bag, wallet, any place you keep receipts from winter and Spring!  Time to make room to receive your blessings!  NO CLUTTER! Go!xo

Day 4-Swimsuit time means time to cleanout13 your body!!  No processed sugar today-only fresh fruit as your sugar! Go!xo

Day 5-Continue the no processed sugar today and add more water!  Time to flush!  Add 1 Liter of water to what you already drink! GO!xo

Day 6-Closet time!! All winter boots, sweaters-they must be stored away from your sight!  Time for bright colors, summer fabrics-all wardrobe that says you are ready for summer! GO!xo

Day 7-Clean out your fridge and freezer! Time for fresh-fresh-fresh!! Veggies, fruit-lean proteins.  Cleanout13 your menus-adding summer tastes and treats! Try one of AJ’s favs-freeze grapes and enjoy! GO!xo2