3 off for Oscar!! Lose 3 for your red carpet look in 7 days! Day 5

The week before the Oscars is always hectic with our A list Zoners!  Wanna try what we use to help their red carpet looks get to perfect??

Day 5-

NO FRUIT, NO VEGGIES!!!! Protein only today! Add raw nuts before 2pm. Stay on your water, burn an easy 3oo cals today, 800 if you have good energy.

Day 4-

Eat protein, fruit (berries and melon) and veggies until 2p. Protein only  after 2pm.  Add 1c. brown rice OR 1 yam at 4p id you need the energy boost. Drink 3 L of water-purified or distilled NOT Spring. We want to flush all excess minerals, not add them. This helps reduce bloating and clogged kidneys. Add sprints to your 500 fat cal burn workout. 3 sets-burn 10 cals in 30 seconds.

Day 3-

NO FRUIT!, eat raw nuts or try flax seed as your fat. Drink 3 L of water and eat only protein and veggies from 2p-7p, no eating after 7p. Burn 800 fat cals with exercise.

Day 2-

fruit before 12 noon, veggies between 11a-4pm, no food after 7pm. Burn 500 fat cals with movement!

Day 1

Lessen your processed food and sugar intake!  Flush-flush with 2 Liters of water! Burn 500 fat cals with movement!

If you missed it?! 2013 life CLEANOUT Days 1-13

Day 13-Our last day of cleanout13!!

Today we celebrate who you are!  The new, improved, CLEAN you!whoohoo!!

Our past 13 days has taught us where in our lives we collect junk! On our bodies, in our hearts and minds and holding on can clutter our souls!

Now-you know! Since you paid attention and did the work these past 13 days-continue to live clean-do maintenance when you feel the dirty building?

Today-if I missed any area of your life that has clutter-clean out!

A make up drawer or bag.

Your car door pockets.

Unopened mail.
“I need to maintain the cleanliness of my life and become more energetically grateful…more umph in my gratitude! Yep… Been a zoner since 2005…AJ literally found me under my bed with my dog looking for answers to my failures and struggling to be the woman I always knew I could be…it all started w/ your cleanup. AJ taugh me once you clear the clutter to can actally see the path you’re supposed to be on!”-Gabrielle Union


Day 12-Now that you’re back at work-your first true week of new life in the new year? Clean out your office!
You spend A LOT of time at work-in that mental and physical space-so it’s time to clean it out on many levels to attract new, different , better energy!!

Your desktop, the drawers, your entire space at work-maybe move some things around to create a “new” space in an old environment? Turn your desk a different direction, add life to your space by adding a new plant?

Clean out your energy! Correct any non positive energy with anyone at work-even if it means having limited or different dealings with them! Design your new work relationships by shifting into the new you!

Today-is clean out day at your work place!!xoAJ

Day 11-CLEAN OUT your laziness!

What are you waiting for? It’s your life, your vision, no one can make you happen more than you can!

We’re in day 11, Y’all-and we’ve had 6 days in the new year already to really evaluate!  I’m hoping our clean out has helped you identify and get serious about all that you allow that can be blocking your blessings?You KNOW there are things you are lazy about!  Evaluate! Make a list of at least 5 things to flip the script on!

Live life with an urgency!  Live your realization that each day is a gift!



NO MORE LOOKING FOR company for your misery!

Commit today, to cleaning out the lazy!!

Day 10-It’s Jan. 5 and you are ROCKIN your clean out! Doesn’t it feel amazing?!

You are starting the year so clear and ready for your blessings?!

The more you clean, the more room you make for the new blessings in your life-more blessings are inevitable-it’s what happens when you dig in and do the work??

Remember-you’re too great to procrastinate so let’s get it done and reach for better than that!!

Today-our day 10, it’s closet time!!

There is SOMETHING in your closet that needs to be released…shoes, a sweater, belts you don’t wear or will be too big next week from using one of our weight loss plans (hint, hint!LOL),

But also any secrets preventing your progress….any skeletons in YOUR closet?? what are you hiding that needs to be released??

Today-clean out your closet!!

Day 9-Today, choose to clean out your wrong understandings and applications of your fitness lifestyle!

No more talking about how much you workout but nothings changing!  That’s SOOO 2012!!

If you didn’t get the weight loss/body improvement you wanted in 2012 what you did doesn’t work for you! You want different you must DO different so let’s clean out your workouts !

Remember-heavy sweat reduces sweat, damp moderate sweat reduces fat.

Remember-consistent movement-DAILY is key. 30 minutes of walking at least.

Remember-dancing, gardening, household chores is movement-no more depending on a gym!

It’s 2013!!! Let’s get you the NEW you that didn’t happen in 2012!!

Day 8-Today- Let’s clean out our dependency on food!

What are you dependent on?



Diet Soda?


Whatever your dependency-rid yourself of it as well as the reasons you reach for those foods!

Dig deep-is it emotions that trigger the dependency or just a bad habit?

Whenever you have a weak moment today-reach for a healthier choice-begin to create the new habits to help your new in this new year!!

Day 7-Clean the body!

Let’s clean out whatever you know is not nutritionally great for the new you in this new year!

oooweee-let me give you a few suggestions…processed anything!

Let’s clean out- the processed sugar, sodium, preservatives, toxins!

No more than 30 gms sugar, 500 mgs sodium!

YES!!  Time to detox!! Add 30oz. of an herbal detox tea to your daily life these days of clean out! Today-NO HEAVY CARBS! If it’s white don’t eat it!! CLEAN IT OUT! Eat only green foods today! Time to clean the kidneys and the liver-optimum absorption leads to amazing!

My abs are my food-I don’t do sit ups-so let’s claim better through better nutrition!

Checkout our AJ’s Abs and 10 in 30 weight loss plans  for only $15 (limited offer)!

Day 6-HAPPY NEW YOU!!!!!

We’re 5 days in to our life cleanse and I hope you’re already feeling as new as I am.

In THE AJ ZONE, we don’t procrastinate-wait to create our greatness!

We’re too great to procrastinate!

It’s just Jan. 1, 2013 and we are well on our way to a new and improved version of our better! I LOVE IT!!

Today-we clean out our self plan-our resolution list-our expectations of self?

Are your goals realistic?

Do you have a plan that makes your aspirations attainable?

Do you have specific steps to your action (not reaction) plan for your life?

Are you focused on virtues instead of things?

Live for the virtues and get out of the way of how they’re delivered!

My top 3  are love, happiness, peace. How these 3 are delivered in my life- I’ll trust, wait with faith and see!!

Your turn…make a list of 10 virtues for 2013!

Day 5!

It’s New Year’s Eve!!

Time to clean out all that feeds you-mind, body and soul!

1st-decide how clean you really want to be in 2013!

2nd-Clean out your

  • MIND-reading materials-put aside anything that doesn’t feed your optimism and choose some quality-I suggest “The 4 Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz!
  • BODY-clean out your fridge, pantry, food and bath cabinets.  Throw out any out dated products!
  • SOUL-music selection-what’s in your ipod? clean out derogatory messages-Ad what feeds your soul!

Day 4!!

Today-we turn to our finances!

Clean out wherever you keep your financial life-your wallet, your purse, briefcase, gym bag, shoe box!

File receipts. Cash in your penny collection. Evaluate.

Are you over spending? Not budgeting realistically?

Today-commit to rectifying the bad habits!

Remember- In THE AJ ZONE, we believe that rectification comes before progress! Check your bank accounts for hidden fees and automatic monthly charges you may be unaware of! Check your  cable plan!

Handle your money!


Day 3!! 21days2better-Day 19

YO!!!! You’ve done an amazball job at cleaning out some of the toxicity around you!  I’m impressed with your diligence!!

Now…we cleanout some of our OWN self toxicity!

I believe our words are power!  Our conversation! The inner and outer convo-how we speak within ourselves TO ourselves plays a big part in our self  esteem, and how we speak to others is a reflection of who we are! It’s time! CLEANOUT13!

Today-no doubt, no defensiveness., NO NEGATIVE words! Speak complete positivity!

Ask someone to keep you accountable today-if you say ANYTHING negative-about yourself, to them…you gotta pay $1.00

Day 2-21days2better- day 18

Now clean your facebook, Instagram, Twitter!!  Who are you following?  Why?  No more random, distracting  energy!  Time to be the most productive in our lives! GO!

Day 121days2better- day 17

Kicks off our cleanout 13!

Today we start our life clean out 2013!  Here is where we find more room to be better! Today-we start with a biggy-clean out your cell phone.  Whatever names you don’t recognize-CLEAN OUT!  Those people you don’t speak with, only text occasionally? CLEAN OUT! Those contacts you labeled “NO”? CLEAN OUT! Log them somewhere but they don’t need to take up your inner circle space?  We’re cleaning out to make room for the supportive, positive, optimism we want and need in a new year!


AJ’S ABS plan!

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