BURN 200 in 30!! A new workout

Join Lauren, who lives in DC and works with us online, and so many others that have learned how to get a fun and productive workout done in only 30 minutes! Lauren lost 100 pounds in 7 months using workouts just like this one!! Here is a quick and easy but great addition to your better health and weight loss plan!

Side step 16 counts
Knee up 16 counts (alternate knees)
deep flat back squats (feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, chest should be parallel to the floor knees not over toes)
side step right, then left each leg gets 50 reps (both knees are soft)

second set
add shoulder side raises-both arms to your side steps

Third set
add front shoulder lifts to your back step.

Remember, if after 3 sets you have not burned 200 calories, add another round or add more intensity to your moves!

Put Your Heart N2 it!!

Here in THE AJ ZONE we work smarter NOT harder. If you answer these 3 simple questions with “I don’t know” you need a heart rate monitor!
1. How many calories do you burn in an 8 hour period?
2. How many fat cals do you burn in a 1 hour workout?
3. What’s your resting heart rate?


Great for shaping your butt, both thighs-inner and outer, lower back, abs! Check the form! Back heel up and high/back leg straight, back erect, pelvis dropped, pressing down not over the front knee!!!  Front knee is over the front heel NOT toe-weight is in your front heel.  Squeeze abs tight for balance. Repeat 10 per leg, 3 sets! YEAH BABY!!