SUMMER CLEANOUT13- 7 days of pre summer life clean!

Who’s ready to let go of all that comes with Winter and Spring and launch into Summer?

Day 1-Clean your email, phone of old texts, pictures.  Organize what you plan to keep and delete all that is wasting space-in your phone and therefore your life! GO!xo

Day 2-Time for social media Summer cleanout13! Who are you following on Twitter?  Instagram?  Who are your friends on Face book?? Review, realize who adds positive s to your life and delete who does not! GO!xo

Day3-Clean out your purse, gym bag, wallet, any place you keep receipts from winter and Spring!  Time to make room to receive your blessings!  NO CLUTTER! Go!xo

Day 4-Swimsuit time means time to cleanout13 your body!!  No processed sugar today-only fresh fruit as your sugar! Go!xo

Day 5-Continue the no processed sugar today and add more water!  Time to flush!  Add 1 Liter of water to what you already drink! GO!xo

Day 6-Closet time!! All winter boots, sweaters-they must be stored away from your sight!  Time for bright colors, summer fabrics-all wardrobe that says you are ready for summer! GO!xo

Day 7-Clean out your fridge and freezer! Time for fresh-fresh-fresh!! Veggies, fruit-lean proteins.  Cleanout13 your menus-adding summer tastes and treats! Try one of AJ’s favs-freeze grapes and enjoy! GO!xo2




“Let’s go Zoners!!! I’m excited to work with you!”-AJ


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CLEANOUT13! Extra credit! A NEW YOU at WORK!

work deskNow that you’re back at work-your first true week of new life in the new year? Clean out your office!
You spend A LOT of time at work-in that mental and physical space-so it’s time to clean it out on many levels to attract new, different , better energy!!

Your desktop, the drawers, your entire space at work-maybe move some things around to create a “new” space in an old environment? Turn your desk a different direction, add life to your space by adding a new plant?

Clean out your energy! Correct any non positive energy with anyone at work-even if it means having limited or different dealings with them! Design your new work relationships by shifting into the new you!

Today-is clean out day at your work place!!xoAJ


day 13 trashOur last day of cleanout13!!

Today we celebrate who you are!  The new, improved, CLEAN you!whoohoo!!

Our past 13 days has taught us where in our lives we collect junk! On our bodies, in our hearts and minds and holding on can clutter our souls!

Now-you know! Since you paid attention and did the work these past 13 days-continue to live clean-do maintenance when you feel the dirty building?

Today-if I missed any area of your life that has clutter-clean out!

A make up drawer or bag.

Your car door pockets.

Unopened mail.
“I need to maintain the cleanliness of my life and become more energetically grateful…more umph in my gratitude! Yep… Been a zoner since 2005…AJ literally found me under my bed with my dog looking for answers to my failures and struggling to be the woman I always knew I could be…it all started w/ your cleanup. AJ taugh me once you clear the clutter to can actally see the path you’re supposed to be on!”-Gabrielle Union