CLEANOUT13 Day 12! YES or NO!

cleanToday is Day 12, 1 more to go and we’ll be ready to receive and tackle all that 2013 has to offer!

Today is a day of yes or no-no middle!!

Look closely at all the clean out you’ve done!  Is there any room for more?  Back on day 2 you may have done a soft clean out and now see where you require more?

Are there any contacts that after 7 days of a new year you want to release?

Any food, fitness habits  that needs to be released from your lifestyle?

Review our days of cleanout13.  If you cannot say yes or no, it’s gotta go!!!

Do a review of your clean out today and clean more where more clean may be required !

Now that you’re back at work-your first true week of new life in the new year? Clean out your office!
You spend A LOT of time at work-in that mental and physical space-so it’s time to clean it out!!

Your desktop, the drawers, your entire space at work-maybe move some things around to create a “new” space in an old environment?
Clean out your energy! Correct any non positive energy with anyone at work-even if it means have limited or different dealings with them!

Today-is clean out day at your work place!!xoAJ

CLEANOUT13 Day 10-what’s in YOUR closet?!!

closetIt’s Jan. 5 and you are ROCKIN your clean out! Doesn’t it feel amazing?!

You are starting the year so clear and ready for your blessings?!

The more you clean, the more room you make for the new blessings in your life-more blessings are inevitable-it’s what happens when you dig in and do the work??

Remember-you’re too great to procrastinate so let’s get it done and reach for better than that!!

Today-our day 10, it’s closet time!!

There is SOMETHING in your closet that needs to be released…shoes, a sweater, belts you don’t wear or will be too big next week from using one of our weight loss plans (hint, hint!LOL),

But also any secrets preventing your progress….any skeletons in YOUR closet?? what are you hiding that needs to be released??

Today-clean out your closet!!

Tell us what you clean out-tweet or facebook us!! Best closet cleanout wins a closet cleanout consultation from celebrity stylist and co designer of LaLa’s new 5th&Mercer clothing line, Jason Bolden!!

CLEANOUT13 Day 9!!!

Time to clean out our fitness!

long legged lungeToday, choose to clean out your wrong understandings and applications of your fitness lifestyle!

No more talking about how much you workout but nothings changing!  That’s SOOO 2012!!

If you didn’t get the weight loss/body improvement you wanted in 2012 what you did doesn’t work for you! You want different you must DO different so let’s clean out your workouts !

Remember-heavy sweat reduces sweat, damp moderate sweat reduces fat.

Remember-consistent movement-DAILY is key. 30 minutes of walking at least.

Remember-dancing, gardening, household chores is movement-no more depending on a gym!

It’s 2013!!! Let’s get you the NEW you that didn’t happen in 2012!!

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CLEANOUT13 Day 8!!

carrot juiceToday- Let’s clean out our dependency on food!

What are you dependent on?



Diet Soda?


Whatever your dependency-rid yourself of it as well as the reasons you reach for those foods!

Dig deep-is it emotions that trigger the dependency or just a bad habit?

Whenever you have a weak moment today-reach for a healthier choice-begin to create the new habits to help your new in this new year!!

Spend today cleaning out the bad habits you have with food!


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CLEANOUT 13 Day 7!

Today-we clean out the body!

healthy foodsLet’s clean out whatever you know is not nutritionally great for the new you in this new year!

oooweee-let me give you a few suggestions…processed anything!

Let’s clean out- the processed sugar, sodium, preservatives, toxins!

No more than 30 gms sugar, 500 mgs sodium!

YES!!  Time to detox!! Add 30oz. of an herbal detox tea to your daily life these days of clean out! Today-NO HEAVY CARBS! If it’s white don’t eat it!! CLEAN IT OUT! Eat only green foods today! Time to clean the kidneys and the liver-optimum absorption leads to amazing!

My abs are my food-I don’t do sit ups-so let’s claim better through better nutrition!

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CLEANOUT13 Day 6!!

writing notesHAPPY NEW YOU!!!!!

We’re 5 days in to our life cleanse and I hope you’re already feeling as new as I am.

In THE AJ ZONE, we don’t procrastinate-wait to create our greatness!

We’re too great to procrastinate!

It’s just Jan. 1, 2013 and we are well on our way to a new and improved version of our better! I LOVE IT!!

Today-we clean out our self plan-our resolution list-our expectations of self?

Are your goals realistic?

Do you have a plan that makes your aspirations attainable?

Do you have specific steps to your action (not reaction) plan for your life?

Are you focused on virtues instead of things?

Live for the virtues and get out of the way of how they’re delivered!

My top 3  are love, happiness, peace. How these 3 are delivered in my life- I’ll trust, wait with faith and see!!

Your turn…make a list of 10 virtues for 2013!