AJ’S ABS plan!

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#TRANSFORMN21 Day 1!!!


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Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the new you!! The fact that you are here means you are ready for a change?  You are curious about what has to be done to create your better?  You’ve tried everything you think should work, it hasn’t and before you give up, here you are? Your answer may be  one of these reasons or all of the above. The great news is you are here and we are excited to help you find your better!

Better means different things for different people. IN THE AJ ZONE, we believe that the first step to correcting things-righting the wrongs- is to properly identify the issue!  Let’s take today and do some self research. Where are you blocked?  What, who is in the way of your better?  BE HONEST! All we want to do today, day 1, is to simply acknowledge where we are blocked.  Write it down.  I do this daily, as each day presents new obstacles, so I constantly redesign the way to MY better. Is it nutritional?  Spiritual? Mental? Decide what’s blocking your better. We’ll get to work on unblocking tomorrow! xo


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CHANTEL drops 28 after setting a goal of 15!

CONGRATS Chantel on reaching AND passing your goal!  You wanted to drop 15 and are now -28!!!  Look what happens when you get out of your on way!! BOOOM!

Chantel decided Jan., 2012 that she wanted better.  She knew a life change was needed so she became a vegetarian eating fish occassionally and walks 4-6 miles daily!



If you are under the care of a physician or on any medication, try this program at your own risk.

I am Detoxing as I prepare for our upcoming Miami retreat, April 20-22, wanna join me for this detox??

What will you need for the total 3 days?

  • A dry body brush, available at Whole Foods, Skincare section
  • Detox tea (any herbal blend will do)
  • A spiritual focus-what aspect of your life needs improving?
  • Purified or distilled water
  • Access to a sauna, jacuzzi or hot bath (hot enough to make you sweat)
  • fresh green vegetables (or try our AKEA Essentials)
  • your choice of protein (fish preferably but chicken is fine and any source for vegetarians).


Start your day with prayer. Pray for the added discipline and focus you are after in your life.

Plan to dry brush your body (in the morning or before bed) -takes 10 minutes before bathing.  Dry brushing helps to remove dead skin and topical toxins. Use upward strokes on the legs, torso and downward on the arms. (you may experience peeling once you apply moisturizer/lotions.

As it fits into your schedule, consume 4-6 oz. of protein and 1-2 cups of a green vegetable, preferably raw, 5 times throughout the day.  If you are unable to get to live green veggies, try our AKEA Essentials or E3Live supplements-all raw, live enzymes!! Drink 3 liters of purified or distilled water, 20 oz. Detox tea (no sugar of any kind).  Consume nothing processed, low sodium.

Plan to do no more than 30 minutes of light movement-walking is suggested or simply focus on stillness these 3 days. Remember-we are cleansing-sometimes stillness helps us to find clarity and stronger focus.

Try to end your day with 15 minutes in a sauna, jacuzzi or hot bath. Do a full body stretch after the 15 minute sweat while your muscles and joints are warm and relaxed.

Try to get at least 7 hours of rest if not sleep.


Repeat all directions for Day 1 but add 1 hour of silence/alone time- no music, no TV, no outside distractions for 1 hour.  Find a reading that speaks to your focus for this detox.

Day 3-

The hard part is over!!  You made it 2 days-now you evaluate on day 3.  You may have not only found the solutions but have already begun to live them?  Clarity comes with detoxing so I am not surprised.  Hopefully you have already begun to live a new found focus?

Today, on Day 3-pick 1 veggie.  If it’s Spinach-that’s the veggie for the day.  If you pick lettuces-you will have an assortment of that today wit your protein servings.  You may feel a slight headache from the cleansing-no sugar can do that.  If it’s mild, pray for diligence!!


Try drinking 1 liter of detox tea on this day 3, in addition to 2 liters of water.  Today’s focus is flushing!!