We believe that raw veggies are not only a healthy direction to live with your veggies, but also a quick tasty treat! try this quick and easy recipe for Kale salad!



1 lemon

Mrs. Dash flavoring of choice

1T, shaved, Parmesan cheese

1T dried cranberries or fresh Pomagranate

1t olive oil

Toss and enjoy!!


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Eating Your Veggies Raw

Just because my life moves so fast, it’s even easier when I don’t have to cook my vegetables. Not only is it convenient, but I noticed a change in my energy and in the look of my skin, hair and muscles within two weeks after I started eating raw veggies. Try it raw!

Apple Cider Vinegar

It’s great for salad dressing, fat burning, as a vegetable seasoning…I take a table spoon a day to cleanse. Mix it with honey, 3 and 3… 3 T of honey, 3T of vinagar…it smells horrible but I use it to sooth my throat and vocal chords. It’s a singers remedy but I use it when my voice gets tired.