In case you missed it?? 21 days 2 BETTER-Days 1-12!!


 That’s right!  Today we focus on fresh food.  Anything that goes through a process is processed, so lets try to stick with fresh today!

Fresh fruits and veggies-try raw veggies at  2 meals today. Live enzymes are uncooked nutrients and amazing natural energy. Pay attention-how much processed are you consuming? EAT FRESH!!

Let’s do better!xoAJ



 Today we pay attention!

Study yourself..your mind frame-is it positive?  Upbeat? Optimistic?

Study your spirit frame-are you feeding it what it needs to strengthen daily?  Are you searching for spiritual tools?

Study your body-what’s changing-even small changes?

There should be change-transformation-a visible better, a better you can see, feel!!

I want to hear about your transformations!  Tweet us,  facebook us-tell me what has changed in your first 11 days!!

use #21days2better in your testimony!!

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Be it!! With your daily unblocking, with your water intake, with your cal intake and your movement.  Here is my burn for day 9.  How are YOU doing?  Join our facebook chat tomorrow at 4:30p PST/ 7:30p EST and ask your questions! Consistency is key!  Choose it-commit-focus-believe in you and believe FOR you!

Time to set a 5 day goal. It can be spiritual. mental, nutritional or physical. email, tweet or face book us and tell us what your goal is-we want to help you stay accountable!



I LOVE this word!!  Let’s use today to sharpen our clarity-of what we present and what we perceive! Now that we are seekers of more KNOWLEDGE,

EVERYTHING in your life has potential to be clear-not complicated.  Divine guidance is not confusing-confusion and complication are ingredients we add. Let’s use our knowledge and power to remove them as we reach for better!  Today, identify 5 things that are not clear in your life choose clarity and do the work to reach clarity!  NO MORE LAZY! NO MORE EXCUSES! NO MORE PROCRASTINATION!

Look at my fat cal burn over 10 hours from yesterday!! Did you get your monitor?  Did you do the work to get clear on where YOU are?  I am now clear on what I can burn, productively and daily so I can now compute what I can eat. We must burn more cals than we eat DAILY! If I eat no more than 1500 cals with this burn, I will lose fat daily!  Let’s do the same for even the mental/spiritual fat in our lives…bad relationships, anger, low self esteem…after all, isn’t it all weight we can lose? More on that tomorrow!


Knowledge is power and self empowerment is key to your better!! Time to get specific!  Whatever movement you choose today-use a heart rate monitor that counts calories burned.  Wear it for an 8 hour period so we get a great reading of what you burn during your average day! You can also grab the monitors on the handles of most gym equipment!  We want to know what we’re burning within 30 minutes of movement.  Today we also monitor our cals in!  Stick to fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins and 1500 cals in today will be no problem! So 1500 in…let’s see what we burn!

Day 7LOVE!

While our hearts are heavy from the tragedy in Newtown, CT., we take our grief, turn it into action and make corrections in our own lives in an attempt to reach our better! Let’s take today and focus on being better parents, sisters, daughters, friends, co workers, spouses, partners!

  • Love a little harder and more consistently!
  • Live each day as if it is your last as it just may be!
  • Cherish each moment!


day 6-MOVE

That’s right,lLet’s move!

Best to use a heart rate monitor so we work smarter and not harder.  Let’s do 30 minutes/300 calories burned at a heart rate under 160 BPM (if you have an illness check with your physician for proper heart rate). Remember, movement that is productive is anything that raises the heart rate.  Your low should be 120.  Movement is  Christmas shopping, decorating the tree, taking the stairs, you don’t  always have to go to a gym!








Ask a friend to help keep you responsible and consistent!

Yup, it’s time!! You should now be-

  • drinking 2 liters of water daily
  • monitoring your sodium intake to no more than 1000mgms daily
  • monitoring your sugar intake to no more than 40gms daily

If you are consuming more-these are blocks to your better-it’s time to love yourself enough to change!!!

Why continue to settle for less than being your best self?? GET CONSISTENT!  Make the necessary adjustments in your life to rock your better nutrition today!

These tools to better MUST be in place before we shift our focus to our physical and movement this weekend!

New behavior takes time and practice-start now so that by day 21 it will be a CONSISTENT behavior?

To help your focus and discipline wear one of AJ’s tools-a self love/self esteem bracelet!

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Day 4Self check in…UNBLOCKING THE BODY!

 How are you doing unblocking the mental spiritual blocks?  It is a daily practice!  Just like you brush your teeth daily, wake up and choose to live unblocked!  Focus on 1 thing daily to unblock your better!

  • How’s the water intake going??
  • Did you calculate your sodium intake yesterday?
  • Was it more than 1000mgms?

Remember as you do your check in-be honest as you do your check in! We spend a lot of time covering our truth to get through the day and we’ve gotten really good at it-but our better lives in our truth-uncover-unblock!

NUTRITION-Yeah sodium is in EVERYTHING and not an ingredient of your better! It’s amazing what you learn when you pay closer attention,  right?! As you lessen your sodium intake today (hint, hint) also look at your sugar intake -natural and processed!! Try for under 40 gms of sugar total today!

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Yes you have the power-the power to choose who you want to be, how you want to be, where you want to be, what you want to be! I know, you’re sayin it’s not that easy-but the choosing is! Everything is your choice-your life is made up of all of your choices.  Now-we take the opportunity to choose differently where we need the unblocking-where we need the improvement-follow? It’s time to choose our better!! Today, make 10 choices that lead you to better!

Nutrition-continue to drink your water!  Do your 2 liters from day 2 and add another if you can…after all…to drink more water…it’s your choice! 🙂 Also-let’s pay attention to our sodium intake.  Read your labels, try to stay under 1000mgms of sodium.


So you’ve made your list of blocks. Today begin to take responsibility for allowing the blocks in your life.  Yes, it’s up to you to choose what makes you healthy and happy so you must also be accountable for choosing those people, places and things that are not ingredients of your better.  This is a big step toward your better-realizing why you have been ok with less than what will help you be your best.Today, answer 2 questions per item on your list-why did you allow each block?  What’s 1 thing you can do to not be blocked starting today?  Once you have the answers, decide that you deserve better and  choose to unblock. You have the power!!

Nutrition-it’s time to begin flushing the blocks and the negativity they carry.  Let’s drink 2 liters of water today.  In THE AJ ZONE we aim for 1 liter by noon and the second before 4pm.


Day 1 -What’s blockin your better??

Today is day 1.  We focus on identifying where we need improvement , what needs fixing so we can then design a plan to do the work. Make a list of what’s blocking you!  A list of at least 21 things. No judgment-no self sabotage and criticism-include people, places and things!  Don’t try to fix yet-simply list the things that you can honestly say are in your way of being the best you!  If you’re anything like me, I had to put me on my list! Are YOU in your way?? If yes, put it down! Remember-this is the beginning-the more honest you are-the more better you will be and have in 21 days! Today, day 1, we make our list-xoAJ

#TRANSFORMN21 Day 1!!!


Follow AJ’s instructions weekly here and join her for daily guidance on HALLO app (for iphones/Androids)!!

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Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the new you!! The fact that you are here means you are ready for a change?  You are curious about what has to be done to create your better?  You’ve tried everything you think should work, it hasn’t and before you give up, here you are? Your answer may be  one of these reasons or all of the above. The great news is you are here and we are excited to help you find your better!

Better means different things for different people. IN THE AJ ZONE, we believe that the first step to correcting things-righting the wrongs- is to properly identify the issue!  Let’s take today and do some self research. Where are you blocked?  What, who is in the way of your better?  BE HONEST! All we want to do today, day 1, is to simply acknowledge where we are blocked.  Write it down.  I do this daily, as each day presents new obstacles, so I constantly redesign the way to MY better. Is it nutritional?  Spiritual? Mental? Decide what’s blocking your better. We’ll get to work on unblocking tomorrow! xo