DEB drops 35 lbs in 90 DAYS and fite her wedding dress from 1988!!











“When I started my journey in THE AJ ZONE, I didn’t do so with a specific “goal weight” in mind. I just wanted to increase the odds that I could live the rest of my life “healthier” – pain free, meds free and disease free. I also wanted to come close to fitting in my wedding dress from November 12, 1988! That goal has been accomplished and now I’m on to the next one. Staying FOCUSED and CONSISTENT as I work MY BETTER!”-Deb Perry, livin in THE AJ ZONE 90 days, 35lbs gone!





Hot4Summer on Hallo! has evolved into Jammin in July!

The weight loss is great – I’ve lost 20lbs and 11inches (belly button/upper abs/lower abs and butt) in a little over 45 days! Yeah the vanity of it all definitely works LOL, but more importantly to me I LOVE the way I FEEL.  My new relationship with food, water and exercise has rejuvenated me and I am better at 50 than I was at 35 – no kidding. I UNDERSTAND not only what choices to make, but why I need to make those choices to live the life I want and need to live. Consistency and discipline of the Spirit helps me to truly treat my body as a temple.

I’m luv’n living in the Zone…Getting to MY Better!”


Steph lost 10 in 30!

Take a look at this testimonial from a zoner who lost 10 on our “10 in 30” program and then joined us at the Day With AJ Retreat in Houston…

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CHANTEL drops 28 after setting a goal of 15!

CONGRATS Chantel on reaching AND passing your goal!  You wanted to drop 15 and are now -28!!!  Look what happens when you get out of your on way!! BOOOM!

Chantel decided Jan., 2012 that she wanted better.  She knew a life change was needed so she became a vegetarian eating fish occassionally and walks 4-6 miles daily!

22 gone for Stacee since Jan. 8!!

Stacee’s update-Feb. 21-

22 lbs gone!!  Congrats Stacee!!x0



Stacee’s update as of Feb. 2-

18 lbs gone and counting!  Rock your better Stacee!  Congrats!!


I am amazed at my progress!  I have lost 13lbs!!! UNBELIEVABLE!

ALICE loses 15 on our Blood Pressure Weight Loss!!

“My blood pressure has improved, I have my physical on Jan 17 and will talk to my dr about my meds and if adjustments are needed. Eventually I want to come off of meds completely!” -Alice

Alice’s update as of Jan 31-By the way my blood pressure is 130/74 (BIG improvement).  And my dr says that I should be able to come off of the meds this year.  I do monitor my pressure myself so I can know when it starts to dip too low.