Following are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions,  email us at THEAJZONE.

NOTE: Please do NOT change email addresses after purchase.  Your account is logged automatically by the email address you use at the time of purchase – we will not receive any of your information sent by a different email address.


If I have questions, how do I contact THE AJ ZONE?
Email customer service at or call our website hotline at (818) 530-3595.


If I purchase a plan or consultation, when will it begin and end?
Your plan will begin once we send your two week plan instructions via email. You typically receive your plan within 5 days after we receive your questionnaire, possibly 7-10 days during high volume (Holidays and December-January). Your consult will be scheduled within 2 weeks of purchase. Your plan and/or consult expires  30 days after purchase.  NO REFUNDS AFTER YOUR QUESTIONNAIRE HAS BEEN RECEIVED BY US.


Where can I find my plan questionnaires?
Once your purchase is complete you will be redirected to the questionnaire page. You will additionally receive an email with a link to the plan questionnaire page. Complete and submit the plan questionnaire.


If I purchase more than 1 plan, do I get more than 1 consult?
No -if you purchase multiple plans, we give a 2 week focus to each complete plan, so you will get 1 consultation after you receive your program instructions and within the first week of your program. Within a multiple plan ( Detox, weight loss, high blood pressure), your lifestyle adjustment has tiers. You will submit a detailed update at the end of each tier to help us custom design the next program. We will keep your total goals in mind, as we build your healthy 1 tier at a time, utilizing THE AJ ZONE techniques within each individual tier.


Do I get a separate meal plan/exercise plan?
There are no exercise plans available outside of a program. A separate meal plan is available only if you purchase meal plans outside of or in addition to any program.  The meal plan/exercise plan that is included in your program is what is designed/suggested as you live the program.


What does customize really mean?
Once you return your questionnaire we give you personalized suggestions, via phone and email consultations to personalize your success based on your goals. You are responsible for the degree of success you attain by utilizing the plan we create for you.


What is the duration of each plan?
Each plan is 2 weeks and the Sculpt & Tone program is 4 weeks.


Once I receive my start up information, is it my choice when I do the 2 week program?
Your 2 week program starts when we return your customized plan via email.  Our system is automated so each program is timed in our system. The program terminates 13 days after your designated  day 1.


I don’t understand what happens throughout the 2 weeks!
Your 2 weeks with us (or longer if you purchase more than 1 program) is customized. We first research your life as you are living it (the questionnaire) and make guaranteed results suggestions for you to live (instructions you receive via email). Once you complete your two weeks, send us an update including a photo so we can evaluate your progress.


What is the difference between the $20, 15 minute consultation within each plan and the $200 or $500 consultation?
The $15 consult included in each plan allows you to speak with a website lifestylist to get you started on your website plan. The $200 consult is a 1 hour consult with a lifestylist working with AJ at THE AJ ZONE in Los Angeles.  More time, more details, more design of healthy. AJ’s consults are priced per her availability.


Can I cancel or refund an order?
Yes, but a program will not be refunded after a consultation is scheduled or a plan has been created and sent to you via email. Once you have rceived a plan there is NO REFUND. If you have purchased more than 1 program, a partial refund may be authorized at our discretion. If you have not followed instructions correctly resulting in an incomplete program in any way, refund will NOT be issued.